Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home Rebate Credit Card

For those of you out there with rental properties, I found a great card that can earn you fantastic awards for at least 6 months. Its the Citi Home Rebate Credit Card. You can earn a full 6% rebate per dollar spent on telecom services; computer network/information services; cable, satellite, and other pay TV and radio services; and utilities for the first six months of membership, and they earn 1% per dollar spent after the introductory period and on all other purchases. The rebate is earned in the form of "Home Mortgage Rebates" that will be applied against the outstanding mortgage principal. There is no limit to the amount of rebates that may be earned, and rebates do not expire.

Obviously I use this for all utilities in my primary residence, but I also pay for water, gas, and electric in my rental. I spend about $500 - $600 per month on utilities for my primary home and rental. I used to use the convenience of online banking, but I wasn't getting anything back. With this card, I should be receiving $30 - $36 per month for 6 months which comes out to $180 - $216 for doing nothing. Give it a try.

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